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René Sundahl

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René Sundahl - Designer of Danish Fuel and Flash Up

Design interview with René Sundahl
Last Name: Sundahl
First Name: René
Brand : Danish Fuel, Flash Up
Age: 39
Design Studio : One Copenhagen

Who are you: René Sundahl, male, grew up among goats and geese in the Danish countryside.
Your background: Innovator and entrepreneur. Educated stainless steel smith.
Your work: Founder and storyteller of Danish Fuel and Flash Up. (STRAIGHTS is designed by Lars Vejen www.larsvejen.dk). It has to be sustainable, putting designs into production.
Hobbies: My job. Traveling. To wine & dine. My dog.
If you had to pick : A color ? A pattern ? A material ?.: Aesthetic, minimalistic and practical.
Favorite item ?: I love them all ­ the Danish Fuel bar cabinet with walnut shelves is very original and I think its is brilliant, because it tells 2 different stories; WWII as well as the upcycling process. The color is beautiful, very original and is actually the same RAL color as the German tank division had in 1939.
How does your place look? Classic furniture mixed with funny things I keep finding on markets, along with prototypes of designs I made.
Favorite designer and your favorite item from him/her ? : OUPS! Table lamp by Nathalie Bernollin. It ́s kind of funny.
What about the music you like ? Brings me in smiley mood
Which movies? The ones that tell a story. Authentic films. Lord Of War, Nicholas Cage.
Favorite books? Screw it let ́s do it. Richard Branson.
Upcoming project(s)? A shoe cabinet. Newly invented solution that fits 5 pairs of shoes. Between "scrap" and €1500 you cant find any nice storage solution for regular shoes.
Where can we find you during the day? The night? Working on projects, together with friends, having a walk with my dog Leopold( A three­year­old Chihuahua/Pomerania mix).
Where do you spend most of your time? Working on projects.
Where do you go to look for designs or furniture? The internet or exhibitions, primarily. The
Salone Int. del Mobile is the greatest place for inspiration.
The coolest thing you have at home? A door sign I made in school when I was about 9 years old. My sister gave it (back) to me last Christmas.
How would you define « cool » ? Something that is aesthetic, practical and attracts attention.
When the design tells a story or has personality.

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