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Epic Danish Fuel

The developement of Danish Fuel Jerry Cans started in 2010. The first design was a Trolley. Then a Bar Cabinet and latest the Bathrrom Cabinet. 
The story is essential: 

A unique Barcabinet made for another kind of fuel at the livingroom, office, bars or hotels you name it. It holds 3-4 bottles of liquer and up to 12 glasses.
Upcycled from a world war 2 fuel can invented by the Germans. Better known as and a Jerry Can, because the Germans was nick named Jerries during the WW2. Also known as The can who won the war. 
Old rust and paint has been removed by sandblasting. New powdercoating added. The shelves are made of plywood in Oak, Walnut or smoked Oak so you can choose between 3 sorts of wood veneers.

Watch 1 minute production film here. 

The Danish Fuel team is Frank and René Sundahl (father and son). 

Design team 1b


A “Jerry Can” is a German invention that originates from World War (WW2). It was the name for a tank used for Gas, Diesel, Water and kerosene.

Back then the English referred to the Germans as “Jerries” – hence the name “Jerry Can”.

The original name was a "Wehrmacht Kanister". 

The coloring of the cans were unique in the sense that it was based on their specific use, cf. Red = gasoline, Yellow = diesel, Blue = petrol, and light blue = water.  Furthermore, the design of a “Jerry Can” was well thought through as it had three handles in order to make the handling of the cans more convenient at all times even though faced with different handling situations – the two outer handles were useful when two people had to carry the can, where in contrast the inner handle came in handy when one person had to carry the can by himslef.

UNIQUE – Danish Fuel’s upcycled Jerry Can

All of Danish Fuel’s Jerry Cans are handcrafted in Denmark based on the principal of reusing parts of old Jerry Cans and remaking them. Hence, not two cans are alike; therefore your specific can will be a unique specimen.

Though, there are different kinds of old Jerry Can models originating from different countries. 

At D-DAY in 1944 more than 21 millions of Jerry Cans were spread all over Europe. During to our research about 1800 different models of Jerry Cans exist.


When ordering one of Danish Fuel’s Jerry Cans the name of the model will appear on the front of the can. The production process of Danish Fuel’s Jerry Cans. 

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