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ONE COPENHAGEN is founded in 2009. Based in Denmark and focuses on unique products designed to improve their owners everyday - for successfull living.
The ideas to our designs comes from the use or needs to solve an issue.

All designs are proudly Made In Denmark. We can control the production and quarantee high quality lifestyle products made of the best materials and under the conditions.

In 2015 we started up working with Architect Lars Vejen MAA about producing STRAIGHTS. Copyright (DCR)

It is important to us that the owners of our designs will be happy with our products and keeps them for many years.
All products are Made in Denmark and patent pending with no. BA 2011 00167th // PCT/DK2012/000122. 

All designs are Made In Denmark. We can control the quality and have hands on everything. Shipping world wide with Fedex and UPS priority 48 hours service. 

ONE COPENHAGEN brands is opreated by Seacreed Service A/S  Kirsbolvej 14  6064 Jordrup Country Denmark company Vat no. 14234985

Frank Sundahl is the rightfull owner of Seacreed Service A/S. He´s a successful businessman since 1990 building sail boats. In early 2009 the development of Danish Fuel brand began. 

Danish Fuel was Invented by René Sundahl. After then, Flash Up came on board in 2011. The stiletto organizer idéa was born in 2010 by Mathias Rasmussen who co-founded Flash Up. 

Email: hello (dot) onecph (dot) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel. +45 5050 1616

You can contact us any time HERE

ONE COPENHAGEN // Fabriksparken 25 // 2600 Glostrup 

ONE COPENHAGEN // Havnegade 100 // Box 110 // 5000 Odense C

ONE COPENHAGEN // Kirsbølvej 14 // 6064 Jordrup

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