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Epic Flash Up

Flash Up is a unique one of a kind storage system design exclusively for classic Stilettos. To improve the grace and glory. The high heels has excisted since late 1800 century. 

Before Flash Up no regular storage systemt excisted. The Flash Up design is based on several kind of DIY solutions. From stucco meant for ceiling, grandmoms old plate shelves, torwel dryerys  - you name it. But all in commons are that the DIY soultions are very bad for the sole/heel and leave dirt on the wall that supports the heels. 

The Flash Up is designed so the lines of the furniture follows the lines of the sole of a stilletto. It´s available in Transparent, steel and plywood in different lenght so you can arrange them in lines of in collums. It fits into any home and environments no matter if its minimalistic of boheme. 

Dansih woman has 28 pairs of shoe on avarage. But before Flash Up no exclusive way to keep and protect the heels.