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Lars Vejen

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Lars Vejen MAA - designer of STRAIGHTS

Designer of modular STRAIGHTS shelves
STRAIGHTS is a series of simple and functional storage elements for modern interior. In use as both storage and display elements the modules can be combined as desired to fit your need in both kitchen, bathroom, living room etc. The simple design in combination with high quality craftsmanship in the exclusive material Corian, guarantees a long lasting product designed to be used. STRAIGHTS is designed as 60 cm modules easy to compose/arrange as desired and always possible to rearrange or replace with other modules. The first introduced modules are; shelves for display of iPad/cook book/storage, knife rack (magnetic) and module for Dolce Gusto coffee table dispensers.

My professional passion is very simple; I love finding and shaping the good idea! Enjoy seeing it realized in collaboration with talented people within their separate fields of handicraft, engineering, marketing, sales, logistics etc. Design­thinking when it is best and working in full understanding and acknowledgement of the value of all people involved in a product's development.

I use my background as an architect to extract the essence of a need. To see potential in the context of a space, in architecture and in the people without whom none of it wold make much sense. Great inspiration is for me found simply by living life ­ seeing the way humans, things, shapes, nature, structures and elements interact. Knowledge gathered from years of experience with a wide range of very different professional partners gives me a valuable insight and cross­references to enhance my creativity. It always holds the same great pleasure when finding the right solution. Finding the balance.

Lars Vejen architect and designer

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