Flash Up! - let the dream come trueFlash Up adds glory and grace to your heels.

Flash Up are made exclusively for expose StilettosFits into any environment and home.

Bohemean or minimalistic style?Flash Up is designed for all spaces in your home.

Walk-in or the entranceFlash Up is designed for all spaces in your home.

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Build a better life for the high heels

Flash Flash Up panels are exclusively made for beautiful heels and interior design. Heels are made to be shown, even when you're not wearing them. Danish women on average have 28 pairs of shoes, but no exclusive way of keeping and protecting them, whilst proudly showing them off.

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Proudly Made In Denmark

Flash Up is not only designed to fit any entrance, bedroom or walk­in closet. The design floats the sole of the heels, and is produced in acrylic, metal and solid wood. Invented, designed and made in Denmark. Copyright (RCD)

Flash Up - made to measure

One Copenhagen is focused on designing and making luxury products that enrich your life. Flash Up is designed to fit discretely into any home or environment, from the gorgeous walk­in closets to the narrowest entrance hallways. The material is oak and walnut in plywood, or transparent acrylic that make the heels seem to float on the wall. Aesthetically pleasing, and immensely practical.

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