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STRAIGHTS modules are designed to add a functional and aesthetic, high quality touch for your home. To be arranged in a straight horizontal line or as vertical columns.
In both ways emphasizing the lines of an interior space.

The modules comes in three different designs providing multiple use; magnetic knife, tablet/book and gallery for spices or bathroom equipment.

Essential in the kitchen leaving the table clear, and your tablet away from your pans.
In the bathroom keeping accessories away from the water, and in the living room creating a discrete yet exclusive gallery display.

A unique and classic storage solution intended for a wide range of interiors. Made in the exclusive and highly durable DuPontTM Corian®.
Designed by Lars Vejen www.larsvejen.dk and developed in cooperation with DuPontTM Denmark. Made in Denmark by ONE COPENHAGEN. Copyright® (RCD) 

650 200 straights